[STC012] Project Clockwork – Hunting Tooth Frequency (2012)

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New Project Clockwork album released!
A collection of 14 tracks recorded 2009-2012
…from pumping, jumping to downtempo and ambient electronica…
we hope you enjoy!

click to download from archive.org

[STC011] New Lusruta – Roh EP released

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Lusruta surprises us with an ep which sees his dark ambient sound urged by rhythmic noise outbursts…a release to cleanse the system?
What does the future hold?
Maybe nothing at all, the future has yet to unfold…for now we are left in the effervescent stage that is Roh.

Front Cover for Lusruta - Roh

available on lusruta’s bandcamp and or archive.org for free

official release page on archive.org (flac, vbr, ogg)

+ alternative download locations (vbr mp3, 85 MB):
Download from megaupload

Download from mediafire

we hope you enjoy!

Videos for unreleased Lusruta material.

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While cleaning Aesthesea’s lair we found some unreleased Lusruta material and decided to make some videos for it…

Xiled Radio Show 72 (May 12, 2011) features Lusruta track

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The excellent Xiled Radio featured the “Nadir” track from the lusruta album “Solemnizing the Trivial” Show 72 (May 12, 2011)

This show supports 3 labels. Newcomer Aesthesea is a netlabel with all releases under the Creative Commons License. Lots of great free music. There’ll be more tracks from them in future shows as a lot of their artists go better with other shows. Hypnotic Dirge Records is a black metal label from Canada, but also puts out dark ambient music. They have a section of the on the site with free releases. Finally, this show has the latest releases from Cyclic Law.

Xiled Radio – Show 72 by DJ Arcanus (01:02:51)
Dark ambient from Aesthesea, Hypnotic Dirge, and Cyclic Law.

01. Lustmord – Plateau {[Beyond]} (00:00:00)
02. Lusruta – Nadir {Solemnizing The Trivial} (00:10:30)
03. Triangular Ascension – Sacrifice And Tragedy {Leviathan Device} (00:26:41)
04. Psychomanteum – Ascension Of The Subconscious {Oneironaut} (00:33:43)
05. NauseA – Odyssey To The Abyss {A Vision of Nothingness} (00:40:33)
06. Northaunt – De Sorte Trær {The Ominous Silence} (00:44:16)
07. Nors’Klh – [HEREIII] {A Vision of Nothingness} (00:48:38)
08. Tholen – As All Hope Was Dying {Neuropol} (00:54:23)
09. Ancient Tundra – Deep Within A Lost Wilderness {The Desolation Of An Arctic Landscape} (00:59:03)

Check out all their other shows as well, as the are really worth your ears!

[HKN023] Caelum Stellarum – Extemporaneous Shock Waves (2011) released on Haunted Klinik

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Caelum Stellarum’s debut album released on Haunted Klinik

Extemporaneous Shock Waves is an aural travelogue of Caelum Stellarum’s space ambient universe.
Crossing 70s space synth sounds with upbeat classical inspired melodies molded into modern electronica with subtle beats.

Download from official release page