Xiled Radio Show 72 (May 12, 2011) features Lusruta track

The excellent Xiled Radio featured the “Nadir” track from the lusruta album “Solemnizing the Trivial” Show 72 (May 12, 2011)

This show supports 3 labels. Newcomer Aesthesea is a netlabel with all releases under the Creative Commons License. Lots of great free music. There’ll be more tracks from them in future shows as a lot of their artists go better with other shows. Hypnotic Dirge Records is a black metal label from Canada, but also puts out dark ambient music. They have a section of the on the site with free releases. Finally, this show has the latest releases from Cyclic Law.

Xiled Radio – Show 72 by DJ Arcanus (01:02:51)
Dark ambient from Aesthesea, Hypnotic Dirge, and Cyclic Law.

01. Lustmord – Plateau {[Beyond]} (00:00:00)
02. Lusruta – Nadir {Solemnizing The Trivial} (00:10:30)
03. Triangular Ascension – Sacrifice And Tragedy {Leviathan Device} (00:26:41)
04. Psychomanteum – Ascension Of The Subconscious {Oneironaut} (00:33:43)
05. NauseA – Odyssey To The Abyss {A Vision of Nothingness} (00:40:33)
06. Northaunt – De Sorte Trær {The Ominous Silence} (00:44:16)
07. Nors’Klh – [HEREIII] {A Vision of Nothingness} (00:48:38)
08. Tholen – As All Hope Was Dying {Neuropol} (00:54:23)
09. Ancient Tundra – Deep Within A Lost Wilderness {The Desolation Of An Arctic Landscape} (00:59:03)

Check out all their other shows as well, as the are really worth your ears!

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