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[Eg0_032] Rivers of Ashes – Circular Anamnesis (2011) released on Eg0cide

Posted in aesthesea related, artwork on February 21, 2011 by aesthesea

New Rivers of Ashes album titled “Circular Anamnesis” is released by Eg0cide Productions

label info:
Rivers of Ashes are back with an album that ads new elements to their deep droning sounds. The music remains dark and droney, but with a wider range of sounds and atmospheres. Lusruta has provided various sample-based soundscapes that have been edited, reconstructed, overdubbed and mixed by TGBTS. Artwork by Aesthesea.

available for free download on the official release page at (flac, vbr mp3 and ogg formats):

Aesthesea’s desk-calendar for 2011

Posted in artwork on December 31, 2010 by aesthesea

Another year means you definitely need a new calendar, well we made one for you.

Download our free aesthesea desk-calendar for 2011 as a pdf-file from here:

download calendar 2011
scribd link

Best wishes for 2011!

AestheseA Calendar 2010

Posted in artwork on December 20, 2009 by aesthesea

We are proud to give you a nice gift to celebrate the new year coming,
get the high-quality aesthesea calendar for 2010 in pdf with beautiful fractal art for free!

Get it from one of the following locations: