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[STC012] Project Clockwork – Hunting Tooth Frequency (2012)

Posted in netlabel on November 1, 2012 by aesthesea

New Project Clockwork album released!
A collection of 14 tracks recorded 2009-2012
…from pumping, jumping to downtempo and ambient electronica…
we hope you enjoy!

click to download from

[STC011] New Lusruta – Roh EP released

Posted in aesthesea related, netlabel on October 4, 2011 by aesthesea

Lusruta surprises us with an ep which sees his dark ambient sound urged by rhythmic noise outbursts…a release to cleanse the system?
What does the future hold?
Maybe nothing at all, the future has yet to unfold…for now we are left in the effervescent stage that is Roh.

Front Cover for Lusruta - Roh

available on lusruta’s bandcamp and or for free

official release page on (flac, vbr, ogg)

+ alternative download locations (vbr mp3, 85 MB):
Download from megaupload

Download from mediafire

we hope you enjoy!

[STC010] Various Artists – Aesthesea Compilation – 10 on 10 (2011)

Posted in netlabel on February 14, 2011 by aesthesea

Aesthesea celebrates its release number 10 with 10 tracks from various aesthesea family artists and guests.
An eclectic mix of sounds that would possibly fit classifications like:
laidback electronica, idm, jazzy downtempo, dark ambient, noisy piano sounds, black metal…

01. Caelum Stellarum – Solace (Project Clockwork Mix)
02. Project Clockwork – Diskoteq
03. Caelum Stellarum – Scintillator
04. Project Clockwork – Retro
05. NB – Take Five
06. Lusruta – Vita Ante Acta
07. Rivers of Ashes – The Whistler
08. The Ghost Between The Strings – Empty Eyes
09. Lusruta – Clocca
10. Winkterjach – Iestied

available for free download on the official release page at (flac, vbr mp3 and ogg formats):

alternative download locations (320kbps mp3 format)

[STC009] Lusruta – Solemnizing The Trivial (2011)

Posted in netlabel on January 11, 2011 by aesthesea

Lusruta’s new album brings us: 68 minutes of dark emotional sounds…for the language where all languages end.

click the image to download this release from (available in flac, mp3 and ogg formats)

alternative download locations (320kbps mp3):

[STC008] Project Clockwork – Time (2010)

Posted in netlabel on December 12, 2010 by aesthesea

Project Clockwork finally gives us the promised album
the album includes tracks from the demo + 5 new/unreleased additional pieces.
Uplifting electronica with ambient, IDM flavours, we hope you enjoy!

Click on the image to go to the download page.
Alternative download location:

[STC007] NB – Sketches (2010)

Posted in netlabel on December 12, 2010 by aesthesea

NB’s Sketches EP can be filed under electronic downtempo soundscapes…
film-“soundtracky” ambient & mellow sounding electronica
but not without a pinch of weirdness and a couple of beats sprinkled in the mix for spice.

[STC006] The Scent Of Rain – The Scent Of Rain (2010)

Posted in netlabel on December 12, 2010 by aesthesea

Improvised experimental ambient work recorded on a rainy weekend…
an hours long recording session cut down to 3 tracks which manage to capture the essence of the scent of rain;
repeating patterns that have a hypnotizing effect after repeated listening.